Rosi Jordon, Deputy Headteacher and SLE for Behaviour & Discipline, Chessbrook ESC

Robin has run the behaviour management training for our cluster of schools (72 primaries, 12 secondaries) now for the last five years. Hundreds of teachers, both primary and secondary, have benefitted from his training. Whenever I get a chance, I always recommend him. I don’t think there is a teacher anywhere that wouldn’t benefit from one of Robin’s courses or INSET sessions. First rate!

Rosi Jordon

Deputy Headteacher, Chessbrook Educational Support Centre

I consider this course to be essential CPD for every teacher in my school. The benefits and impact have been huge; teachers are empowered and successful in creating a positive learning environment. With its promotion of practical strategies and a reflective approach, this training significantly supports development to Outstanding teaching and learning
Anne Haywood, Headteacher, The Grove Academy, Watford
As a current trainee teacher I found this very useful and rewarding. As we only cover classroom/behaviour management a couple of times at university, I found it a fantastic opportunity to brush up on some previously taught skills and learn a whole host of new strategies and theory. The training has helped me to deliver smooth and successful lessons.
Daniel Borg, English teacher, St Joan of Arc Catholic School, Rickmansworth
I have learned a great deal from this course, about how to prevent behavioural issues from occurring in the first place, and how to deal with any issues that do arise in a way which de-escalates rather than exacerbates them. My self-awareness has definitely grown as a result of attending this course. Despite having read about behaviour management many times in the past, for the first time I actually feel that I now know what to do differently in practice.
Liz, Francis Combe Academy, Watford
Having already attended a session on growth mindset back in 2013 in Bahrain I initially thought that it might have been simply a repeat of what I saw back then but I was hugely impressed with Robin’s approach and the way he contextualised research findings to relate the theory to learning and what we can do to change from fixed to growth. The presentation design and Robin’s personal style were very enjoyable – and I know my colleagues were equally impressed.
Nick Atkins, Teacher of Art, The Polesworth School

Testimonial Image - Tim Jordan - Assistant Head Teacher - Warriner School

Tim Jordan

Assistant Head Teacher, Warriner-School

In October we had whole school Behaviour inset with Robin. We do our own internal CPD so this was our first external input for a couple of years. The session that Robin delivered was ideal for our staff and was very well received. In a 90 minute presentation we had the opportunity to reflect on our current practice and to look at a number of practical approaches to improving behaviour management in our classrooms.
Robin’s input was clear, appropriate to all colleagues and entirely relevant to our context – a large rural comprehensive with OFSTED “good” for behaviour, but with the all too common, “low level” issues that can impact on classroom progress. Robin’s delivery style made the session extremely enjoyable and put colleagues at ease. The feedback to me has been very positive and since the training we have been actively modelling a number of the approaches around school. The introduction of new routines and the focus on one particular approach is having a significant impact for one of our subject areas.
As a behaviour CPD input I would fully recommend Robin’s session. We were time limited so had to go for 90 minutes, however Robin’s preparation and delivery meant that we were still able to cover a lot of ground.

I attended the ‘Behaviour Matters’ course and found it to be very informative. It was delivered with enthusiasm and energy, which made it an excellent and enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend to anyone working in the school environment, so much so that I suggested the course to my head teacher and she booked an on-site training session for all our staff, at our school. Highly recommended.
Trevor Dolling, Kingsway Junior, Watford
I found the behaviour management course very useful indeed. As a new teacher at a school I would recommend it to all teachers. It allowed me the freedom to rethink my classroom strategies and my teaching manner. The course gave me clear tools to anticipate and prevent problems before they escalate. I believe this course has helped me become a more confident and effective teacher. It was also delivered in a fun and relaxed manner.
Paul Greenwood, Drama teacher, Wye Valley School, Bourne End
Great core skills and reflections – it does work!
Amanda, St Clement Danes School, Chorleywood
Fun presentation – still talking about over a week later. Makes you think!
Claire, Hadrian Academy

The ninety-minute twilight session on Mindsets and Motivation that Robin led at my school was outstanding. I have never experienced a more positive response from my teachers and support staff to any CPD activity. Robin’s fast-paced and humorous delivery engaged everyone and led to instant changes in practice and outlook. I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit from Robin if you are looking for high impact, good value training.

Steve Kelly

Headteacher, Arnold Academy

The course is a wonderfully useful tool kit to implement within the classroom to real life scenarios. The strategies and techniques that Robin teaches are effective and really do work! He creates a two way interaction and thought provoking process that in time becomes second nature. The techniques he demonstrates can be applied to highly stressful situations, that make the teacher stop and think and in turn how they manage the situation encourages and enables the student to stop and think as well. Robin’s techniques address preventative methods of behavioural management as well as defusing highly emotional, tense situations. His teaching is delivered in an interesting, at times amusing manner which enables teachers to take a good look at themselves and relate to ’those stressful’ moments. Reflective, proactive and reactive in a professional manner which gets the results to achieve a tranquil, peaceful and sensible outcome. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who teaches, be that in a high performing school of well mannered students or within a school whereby behavioural issues are more common hourly/day events. The skills that Robin teaches are life long learning and can be applied to each of our daily lives beyond the classroom.
Deb Reid, Head of Art/Photography, St Clement Danes School, Chorleywood
This course was fab! It was well organised, well presented and Robin was really engaging. I have come back to school feeling inspired and have a list of ideas to explore. Great for teachers of all levels of experience – and parents alike! Thank you Behaviour Buddy!
Siobhan, Hadrian Academy
I am in my first year of teaching and I have found the different behaviour management strategies that we’ve discussed extremely useful and helpful. The programme was friendly and informative from start to finish. It’s made a difference to my teaching.
James, St Joan of Arc Catholic School, Rickmansworth
The training has really opened my mind and horizons. Indeed, I was surprised to find that my own mind set could be fixed at times. I shall be using my brain ‘muscle’ to help the pupils I teach grow and indeed adopt a growth mind set which will undoubtedly aid their performance.
Jo, Watford Grammar School for Girls
Really great behaviour management training. Robin’s delivery style is fun and informative. I found this extremely helpful as a trainee teacher, but actually I was sat next to a very experienced teacher and he told me that it was just as helpful for him. I don’t know why they didn’t have something like this on my PGCE.
Nicky Granger, Hair and Beauty teacher, Chessbrook ESC, Watford

Testimonial Image - Dame Helen Hyde, headteacher, watford grammar school for girls

This training was motivational as well as developmental. I learnt a great deal both as a head, a teacher and as a grandmother. I am inspired to change the way I praise students.

Dame Helen Hyde

Headteacher, Watford Grammar School for Girls

The training was thorough, precise and realistic in its approach to behaviour. It focused on what can be changed rather than what one would like to change. In other words, it look at the human element to the problem and how to implement strategies that would make a difference to the students’ life, bring understanding and therefoer a willingness to adapt and evolve.
Helen, Bushey Meads School, Bushey
Robin delivered the behaviour management training in a way that is easy to understand and follow. When I think about any aspects of it to use in my teaching, I think straight back to the session that we learnt it in. I will not only use it in school but also with parenting! The sessions were fun and interesting and I have and will keep recommending people to go on it!
Jo Bifolco, Hair and Beauty teacher, Chessbrook ESC, Watford
Behaviour management is something that I thought I had cracked during my PGCE. Going into my NQT year, this session has made me feel confident that I will be able to read the Early Warning Signs of misbehaviour and will never make the situation worse. Great session!
George, Bourne End Academy
It was a brilliant day with excellent content. The scenarios were very ‘true to life’ of what you face on a daily basis at school. I have taken away many top tips and am confident that I will stick to my goals, as created throughout the sessions, knowing what I am going to do to make a difference in my classroom. Thank you.
Anna, Bourne End Academy

Paula Fergusson Testimonial

Robin delivered an excellent morning session to our full staff group. They were engaged from start to finish because Robin was engaging from start to finish. High energy, entertaining and – most importantly of all – what he had to say was worth listening to. Very helpful CPD

Paula Fergusson

Assistant Headteacher, Haywood Academy

I thoroughly enjoyed the behaviour management course and would warmly recommend it to all teachers. It made me think more deeply about how I preceived, and was perceived by, my students. I have a much clearer understanding of how to anticipate and prevent problems before they escalate out of hand using a range of low level but effective interventions. As a consequence my stress levels are noticeably lower and my students are generally responding better. The course gave me the confidence to try out new ideas both in and out of the classroom. I really enjoyed talking to other teachers and sharing problems, ideas and solutions.
Victoria Fern, St Clement Danes School, Chorleywood
The Behaviour Buddy course was hands on, delivered at the right pace with a good mix of theory alongside usable practical advice. I would recommend this to all adults working with challenging or unmotivated children and young adults. It has taught me behaviour management skills and strategies not only worthwhile implementing in school but in life situations too!
Michelle Green, Ashfield Junior School, Watford
Robin’s Behaviour Buddy course enables us to understand the reasons for our own behaviour (good or bad) and the behaviour of the children. As a result this enables us to recognise and understand certain behaviours when we see in ourselves and in the young people we teach. I have recommended the course to colleagues and will continue to do so.
Chris Powell, PGCE Coordinator and Head of Year 8, Parmiter's School, Watford
The Behaviour Matters course should be compulsory for all trainee teachers, I wish I had done it when I trained and in my opinion it would massively reduce the teacher drop out rate. I feel so much happier even from the first session with the way I respond to certain situations and after 6 years I finally feel the course has given me the tools I need to become an effective teacher.
James, Putteridge High School, Luton
It was great to refresh the behaviour management strategies – it really made me think “I used to do that, so why aren’t I doing that any more?” Personally I think everyone should do a refresher course on behaviour management every 3-4 years just like you have to do for a first aid course! I have noticed a change in the student-teacher relationship and that’s made a real difference in my classroom.
Sandra Garcia, Bushey Meads School, Bushey

As a school we have long recognised the importance of a positive mindset, of working hard and trying one’s best. We were familiar with Carol Dweck’s Mindset research, but were unsure of how to roll out the message and strategies more widely. Although we felt staff were amenable to the theory of Mindsets and Motivation, we were less sure that asking a member of school staff to ‘sell it’ and ask staff to do yet more would work for us. Then, we discovered Robin!
Robin came into school and delivered a series of talks to staff, students and parents. He opened our eyes and challenged us the teaching professionals (and the parents) to be careful of our own fixed views. He brought everyone with him; convinced with humour, facts and real credibility that forging ahead with Mindsets work was the only option. Everyone rated his sessions highly. One parent wrote ‘Fantastic. Thank you so much for running this session for parents.
I have tried so many times to talk to my daughter about mindsets and motivation to no avail. She came home from her session today truly inspired and I can see why’. Even our most sceptical Year 11s were won round! Robin’s has genuinely inspired us in so many ways: we now have a Mindsets Staff and Student Working Party and have integrated real working strategies into lessons, assemblies, and intervention work.
Thank you Robin. Without your support, we would not have come as far as we have.

Sharon Cromie

Executive Headteacher, Wycombe High School Multi Academies Trust

This course made sense of so many student behaviours and attitudes which have previously seemed random and disparate. I can now see the common theme. The insights I have gained have given me more skills to bring to the student-teacher relationship, which is now helping me to achieve win-win outcomes.
Liz, Parmiters School, Watford
This programme was extreamly useful. As a trainee teacher behavioral management is one of the areas I have struggled with. Having completed tis programme I feel more confident in my ability to effectivly manage a class. I only wish I had done this programme earlier in my training year.
Nick, St Clement Danes School, Chorleywood
Robin was a very enthusiastic tutor who captivated us from the first session, making the learning fun and enjoyable. I have taken a lot away from the course and shall defiantly be using the skills learnt. I was already using some of the skills but it put meaning and clarity into why I use them.
Maxine, The Meads Primary, Luton
I found the programme well structured and enjoyable. The programme refreshed and revitalised me in to how manage behaviour in the classroom. And the programme emphasised and explained how you can change, which will change the children.
Ryan, Hadrian Academy, Luton

Testimonial - Loreto Harley Assistant Headteacher Lea Manor High School

Robin’s presentation was inspirational and it has had an immediate impact in the classroom with many of our staff now confidently using the language of ‘Growth Mindset’ in their lessons. Senior leaders now regularly see teachers experimenting with the use of descriptive praise and many teachers have enthusiastically selected Growth Mindset as their development focus for the coming year.

Loreto Harley

Assistant Headteacher and Professional Tutor, Lea Manor High School

This was a fantastic training session, largely because it was run by someone who really showed that they empathise with the the day-to-day, classroom experience of teachers. It was fantastic to be able to discuss a range of scenarios and issues that we all face, without hesitation, fear of admitting failure or worry of embarrassment. A fun, informative and engaging session that provided lots of ‘golden nuggets’ and ‘lightbulb moments’, meaning that I left with a number of ideas as to how to improve my classroom practice immediately! Many thanks and I look forward to the next one!
Katharine, Bushey Meads School, Bushey
This course refreshed my knowledge of basic good practice to establish good behaviour. The messages are simple but effective – and confidence boosting!
Lorna, Watford Grammar School for Boys
I enjoyed the course and found the references to research in education and psychology really informative and helpful.
Simba, St Clement Danes School, Chorleywood
Behaviour Buddy is a lovely course. It combines a thoughtful and reflective approach with solid science and grounded theory. It doesn’t matter how much you currently know about behaviour management, or how much you think you know, this course will give you skills. But even more importantly than that, this course gives you the confidence to know that when you go back into the classroom, you can do it, you can put those skills into practice, you can turn around even the most difficult of classes. Skills and theory and the application of both with tenacity – that’s at the heart of Behaviour Buddy. And it’s fun too – I never thought I’d laugh so much on a behaviour management course!
Marelle Clements Rice, Head of Religious Studies, Rickmansworth School, Rickmansworth