Better Behaviour is a five-week online behaviour management course. Each session lasts just over 30 minutes. This bite-size approach is designed to allow teachers to really get to grips with the skills of behaviour management. The Better Behaviour course is for all teachers everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the profession or experienced, primary or secondary, UK or non-UK based, this course will enhance your behaviour management skills.

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Course outline

Better Behaviour considers three key areas: how to avert misbehaviour, how to stay in control of yourself, and how to intervene strategically when misbehaviour starts. Master these three areas and you master behaviour management.

Each standalone session gives you the skills you need to ensure that good quality learning can happen in your classroom. The skills, in turn, are broken down into their component parts, making them easy to replicate and embed into your teaching practice. Of course, there’s also a helpful mix of theory and research, but the focus is on the skills you need.

The sessions:

  • The Fundamentals
    The fundamentals include teacher clarity, teacher presence, lesson challenge and withitness. You will also be introduced to something called the ‘100% approach’ – a simple yet powerful way to keep students on task. Classroom layout will also be considered.
  • Rules & Routines (& Norms)
    Rules and routines are the bedrock of effective behaviour management. This session will share four rules that can be used in any educational setting. A simple method to embed routines will also be introduced, and a key routine will be explored in depth.
  • The Teacher-Student Relationship
    The teachers who are best at behaviour management have an excellent teacher-student relationship style. This session will pinpoint the features of that style, noting what works and (just as importantly) what doesn’t.
  • Teacher Self-Control
    In order to manage student behaviour effectively, you have to manage your own emotional and cognitive reactions. You will be given a tried-and-trusted method for doing exactly that.
  • Strategic Intervention
    Misbehaviour will happen. This session looks at what to do when it does – that is, how to intervene efficiently and effectively so that students are quickly put back on track.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Presenter: Robin Launder (me)
  • Course duration: Five standalone sessions over five weeks
  • Session duration: Just over 30 minutes
  • Session day: Flexible – sessions are presented live via Zoom on Sundays at 5.30pm (UK time) but they are also recorded and available for 7 days following the live presentation. Teachers can watch the live sessions or the recordings of those sessions – or do both.
  • Start date: Flexible – each session is a standalone session so the course can be started at any point. When teachers enrol they are sent an email with the course joining instructions.
  • Cost: Just £35 for the full five sessions

Better Behaviour takes a break during the UK school holidays (Easter, summer and Christmas). Remember: each session is a standalone session, so you can enrol at any point. There is no single start day; every day is a start day. Any queries, email me, Robin Launder ([email protected]) or use the contact page.

Block bookings

1 to 10 tickets = £35 each
11 to 20 tickets = £28 each (equals a 20% discount)
21 or more tickets (with no upper limit for a single school) = £650 in total

So, 12 tickets would work out as ten tickets at £35 and two tickets at £28, giving a total of £406

Block bookings can be purchased through an invoice (no need to use the form below). Simply tell me how many tickets you want and I’ll invoice your school directly.

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