Addendum – First Day Back after Christmas

7. Revisit your rules At some point during your lesson, though earlier is better than later, revisit your classroom rules. The following approach works well. Shush activity Cover your rules display. Tell the students that they have two minutes to write the classroom rules down exactly as they are written on the (now covered) display. [...]

Becoming Brilliant at Behaviour

Ten tops tips for expert behaviour management Congratulations! By choosing to be a teacher, you have chosen a career that has meaning, makes a difference and shapes the future. If you’re not feeling smug right now, you should be. You’ve won the job lottery. But it’s also a difficult job. The marking, the planning, the [...]

Teach Primary – relationship tips

"If it’s good, the students will probably behave and engage in learning; if it’s not, they probably won’t.” That’s what my mentor told me on day one of my first teaching practice. She was talking about the teacher-student relationship.

Teach Primary – Stick to it

Sammy's Predicament is surprisingly common. You do everything that the experts tell you to do, but still there's behavioural problems. What's the solution? Well here's three possibilities from three experienced teachers.

Teach Primary – September issue – back to school

Meet George. “I’m just about to start my second year of teaching. My first year was a challenge. I didn’t get the students where I wanted them in terms of behaviour. That, in turn, had an impact on progress and, to be honest, gave me a few sleepless nights. So I want this year to be different and I’d like it to be different from day one. Any tips?”

10 Behaviour Management Tips – aka getting behaviour right from September

Ten top tips for a great start to the academic year Be the boss Students want you to be the boss because that makes the classroom a safe place. Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to be terrifying, shouty or stern (all counterproductive in the long term), but you do have to demonstrate your [...]