Let me start with a confession: I WAS IN PRISON FOR 17 YEARS!

17 long years.

During that time I learnt that it is much better to be a prison officer (as I was) than someone serving a sentence – you don’t have to be escorted to the loo, you get to go home at night and the pay is (normally) better.

As a prison officer, my role was to teach other officers how to be effective at behaviour management. For instance, how to …
• manage prisoner relationships
• keep boundaries in place
• nip difficult behaviour in the bud

Once taught, those officers began to get more out of their job and more out of the prisoners. In other words, they became motivated and motivating – a win-win situation.

16 years ago, I became a secondary school teacher. I quickly become a lead in my subject (English) and from there a SIP within my London borough, supporting both primary and secondary schools in two distinct areas: how to teach and how to manage student behaviour. Interestingly, the link between the two is strong, yet they are distinct skills.

I now specialise in these two areas as an independent consultant and speaker. I give keynotes at conferences (including headteacher conferences) and run school-based CPD sessions (twilight, half-day, all day). If you want me to speak at your conference or school, then just get in touch.

Here are my specialisms:
• behaviour management
• evidence-based teaching
• mindset theory
• teacher-student relationship
• memory and metacognition
• neuroscience for teachers


Robin Launder

PS please note that those attending my sessions are rarely escorted to the loo and are normally allowed to go home at the end of the day